February 28, 1989 - May 14, 1997
ABC Situation Comedy - 200 Filmed Episodes


Coach Hayden Fox:   Craig T. Nelson
Asst. Coach Luther Van Dam:   Jerry Van Dyke
Christine Armstrong Fox:   Shelley Fabares
Dauber Dybinski:   Bill Fagerbakke
Kelly Fox:   Clare Carey
Stuart Rosebrock:   Kris Kamm
Coach Judy Watkins:   Pam Stone
Howard Burleigh:   Kenneth Kimmins
Shirley Burleigh:   Georgia Engel
Doris Sherman:   Katherine Helmond
Fred Webb:   Travis McKenna
Ruthanne:   Rita Taggart
Rosemary:   Vicki Juditz
Eddie:   Shashawnee Hall
Martin:   Julio Oscar Mechoso
Alma Thorkelson:   Pat Crawford Brown
Nick:   Earl Houston Bullock
Beth Fox:   Lenore Kasdorf
Timothy David Fox:   Brian Felker
  Brennan Felker

Hayden Fox was the head coach of Minnesota State
University's Screaming Eagles. He built up his
bumbling team with dubious assistance from
cheerful, but vacuous, Luther and perennial
student Dauber. The women in his life were
considerably smarter: Christine was Hayden's
steady girlfriend, a TV newswoman who wanted
a little more attention; and Kelly, his 18-year-
old daughter by a previous marriage. To doting
dad's dismay, Kelly dated and eventually married
theater mime Stuart, but they then broke up.
Dumb Dauber fell for Hayden's college rival,
girls' basketball coach Judy.

Hayden finally preposed to Christine in 1992 and
after two failed weddings they were finally
married in 1993. In 1995 Hayden left Minnesota
to coach the pro expansion team, the Orlando
Breakers. The Breakers were owned by
eccentric millionaire Doris Sherman.

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